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May 12, 2015 – Gettysburg, Ohio

 FAA Approves Unmanned Operations to USAerobotix for Power Industry

U.S. Aerobotix (USA) announced today that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted an exemption that will approve USA to perform public utility inspections, including power lines, substations, and related infrastructure. This is the first and only approval of its kind in the Indiana and Ohio region.

USA will specialize in performing inspections with Unmanned Aerial Systems. Unlike ground-based inspections or inspections using large, manned aircraft, USA uses all the advantages of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) without the undo risk. There are many advantages to using sUAS, including increased safety to ground inspection crews, very low physical risk to customer’s infrastructure, greater control of close-in inspection, significantly reduced service lead time and precision analysis resulting in significant cost reduction.

USA will use the SelectTech GeoSpatial (SelectTech) EH-4 vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) sUAS to provide this service. The versatile SelectTech VTOL can be equipped with a selection of sensors and cameras including electro optical (EO), near infrared (NIR) and heat detecting infrared (IR).

“We are extremely pleased to be one of the first sUAS-based utility inspection service companies in the Midwest,” said Jason Adams, Vice President of USAerobotix. “This decision will allow us to be a member of a very high growth industry. We are also very pleased to be using a custom aircraft that is wholly designed and built in Springfield, Ohio.”

“I am excited about working with USA in this pioneering endeavor” said Frank Beafore, Executive Director of the Springfield aircraft manufacturer. “This is just the beginning of a whole new and rapidly expanding industry utilizing sUAS.”

About U.S Aerobotix

USAerobotix specializes in performing inspections with Unmanned Aerial Systems. Unlike ground based inspections or inspections using larger aircraft, we utilize all advantages without the undo risk. As an outgrowth of Fitzwater Tree and Lawn Care landscaping services, USA has already developed a solid client base for organic growth in the utility industry.