Darke County is located in western Ohio, along the Indiana border. It’s strategic location, within 1½ hours of Indianapolis, Toledo, Cincinnati and Columbus puts Darke County in a unique position to have something for everyone.

The county has a population just short of 53,000 people, and over 600 square miles of land, makes it the 7th largest county in Ohio.  Resources, plentiful clean water and land and good clean “country air”, makes it a desirable place to live.

With more road miles of any county in Ohio, maintained by one of the best county engineering departments in the state.

County seat, Greenville, is known for having the largest wooden fort ever constructed here, encompassing 55 acres, by General “Mad” Anthony Wayne. 

dc3Greenville is well known as being the home of the “Treaty of Greenville,” which was signed on August 3, 1795, bringing peace with the Native American tribes and opening up the northwest territory for expansion. 

Darke County is home to “Little Sure Shot” Annie Oakley, radio personality, traveler and adventurer Lowell Thomas and Colonel Zachary Landsdowne, the pilot of america’s first airship, the “Shenandoah”. 

Darke County also is home to the “fastest ½ mile dirt track in the world”, Eldora Speedway, owned by NASCAR great Tony Stewart and created by the legendary Earl Baltes.

Eldora hosts many races and racing series at the track, including the NASCAR world truck series, the only race NASCAR runs on dirt.

Darke County is home to fortune 500 companies, and smaller businesses continuing to grow. 

It is the #1 agricultural county in the state in corn and soybean production and leads the nation in egg production.  The historic agricultural background provides Darke County residents with old fashioned work ethic. 

Darke County Ohio is the perfect place to raise a family, start a business and become part of the small town feel which makes America special.