Where can I obtain a copy of my birth certificate?
If you were born in Darke County, a certified copy of your birth certificate can be acquired by calling the Darke County Health Department at (937) 548-4196.

Where can I obtain a Notary of Public?
The Notary of Public test is given once a month, for more information on the schedule of the test being given; call the Common Pleas Court at (937) 547-7325.

Where can I renew my notary of Public?
If you are already a Notary of Public and need to renew your term, please call the Darke County Clerk of Courts office for more information at (937) 547-7335.

Where can I obtain a Dog License?
Information regarding a new license or renewing an existing license, please contact the Darke County Auditor’s Office at (937) 547-2507.

Where can I obtain a Marriage License?
Particulars for obtaining a Marriage License should be directed to the Darke County Probate Court at (937) 547-7345.

Where can I get information on zoning or the township where I reside?
Please contact Zoning Inspector at 937-547-7381 for the appropriate township in question.

Where can I get the current building regulations and codes?
Contact the Darke County Building Regulation at (937) 547-7379. Any unzoned townships inquires should be directed to Zoning Inspector (937) 547-7381.

Where do I start if I want to split a lot off of my property?
All building information for non-commercial use can be attained by calling the Zoning Inspector at (937) 547-7381.

Where can I get information on transferring a car title and license plates?
Contact the Auto Title Office at (937) 548-9210 for your inquiries for a new title or transferring a title to a new owner. License plates can be acquired at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles by calling (937) 548-7134.

Who do I contact with general questions and/or concerns?
Contact the Darke County Administration Office at (937) 547-7370 or by email at info@co.darke.oh.us