Prosecuting Attorney – ORC Chapter 309
The prosecuting attorney is the county’s criminal and civil attorney. While the prosecutor is best known to the public for prosecuting criminal actions in the name of the state, the office is also critical to county government because it is the legal advisor to the board of county commissioners and to “the board of elections, and all other county officers and boards…..” (ORC 309.09). The office also represents libraries, townships, and county school districts (ORC 3313.35) with the exception of city school districts. These civil responsibilities include the rendering of opinions, prosecuting and defending the county or agency, and the review and approval as to form of all contracts.

The prosecutor of the most populous county comprising a joint vocational school district also represents the district. A county prosecutor also has the responsibility to prosecute all juvenile cases including child neglect, dependency, and abuse along with juvenile felony, misdemeanor, and even traffic violations.

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