More proof that the Partnering for Progress (P4P) Workforce efforts, particularly our introduction, and in some cases re-introduction,  to the workforce through the TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE class is making a difference in people’s lives! This is a letter that Matt Heffner of Heffner and associates sent to his father Jon on one of our many successes we have had helping people get jobs and better their lives.  His name has been redacted to protect his privacy.


“______________ called me out of the blue.  He wanted to tell us that he’s doing well at Whirlpool.  He loves the job and he gets along with everyone and hasn’t missed a day of work.  HE ALSO SAID THE PROGRAM HAS CHANGED HIS LIFE.  He now has money enough to support himself with extra spending money(there’s economic stimulus!) for him and has the ability to help his mother. He also cut off his pony tail and has a respectable hair cut. (his words).  He told me the purpose of his call was to say thanks to everyone.  He had gone a couple of years without a job.  I remember one of our biggest barriers with him was him having gas money to get to Greenville.  His mother and him could only afford 2 gallons at a time.  Dead Serious. I couldn’t believe how happy he was, but that whole class was a joy to deal with.  Thanks!


We are making a difference!!